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SubjectRe: added a new feature: disable pc speaker
> >   setterm -blength 0 (text)
> > xset b 0 (X11)
> Well, some buggy programs don't care about you turning off beeping in
> X. I think gnome-terminal or such has its own checkbox for turning
> beeps on or off.


> I still agree that this is fixing userspace bugs in the kernel, and
> probably not desirable, even if I think I'd disable the pc speaker if
> the kernel actually asked me. If nothing else, I figure it would make
> my kernel 0.5k or so smaller ;)

Something about that, didn't make any comparision to a original
2.4.4 kernel.

I first thought the same Keith did, a userspace program.
This could call the same asm code used in kd_nosound,
but the problem is, the next time _kd_mksound is called,
sound is enabled again.

Can somebody give me a hint where to find documentation about
sysctl and howto use/program that ?
This is what Simon and David suggested.

But as long as I am not able to make sysctl's, I would like
to add this feature under the General setup.

What do you think ?


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