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SubjectRe: added a new feature: disable pc speaker
Quoth Nico Schottelius: 

> Can somebody give me a hint where to find documentation about
> sysctl and howto use/program that ?
> This is what Simon and David suggested.
> But as long as I am not able to make sysctl's, I would like
> to add this feature under the General setup.
> What do you think ?

A sysctl would be a lot nicer for distributions, as one could ship a
standard nosound setup and letting people enable it in rc.sysctl or
whatever. This would save you from hearing the clueless users who just
installed linux (RH 7.2 :) for the first time going *beep* *beep* *beep*
for hours.

For people who compile their own kernels, a compile time option should
be quite enough, though.

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