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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: 2.4.5pre1 will not boot

What hardware are you running?


> Please CC any replies.
> Please refer to my previous post 'PROBLEM: 2.4.4 oops, will not boot'
> for complete machine details/configuration.
> I'm still working on different 2.4 kernels trying to get just one to
> boot normally. Currently I've removed all modules and built everything
> into the kernel, that seems to help a 'little'.
> Just tried 2.4.5pre1...
> 1st boot. Got as far as "Checking all file systems...", which is:
> fsck -C -R -A -a (Debian Sid). This was followed by numerous (>50)
> lines of the form:
> memory.c: 83 (something I couldn't read fast enough)
> followed by the machine auto-rebooting.
> 2nd boot. Trying to duplicate to read above memory.c ...
> Led to the attached oops.txt > ksym.out contained in the tarball.
> 3rd boot. I was actually able to login... for about 5 mins. I attempted
> to run the above oops through ksymoops while kernel was running. It
> appeared to work, just then machine froze, required my using reset
> button on case. This led to booting back into 2.2.19 with duplicate
> inodes, manual run of fsck.
> 4th boot. Led to the attached oops2.txt > ksym2.out which was just the
> first oops of approx. 20 or more before machine froze. All the
> remaining oops (that I looked at) were of the same type/address.
> I really hope someone finds this, Andrew Morton(sp?) was looking into my
> 2.4.4 oops, says my slab is being corrupted? Would be kind of
> interesting to find out it is hardware related. This m/b and CPU are
> brand new, can still take them back -)
> Thanks for your time.
> Gordon Sadler
> Name: 2.4.5pre1.oops.tar.gz
> 2.4.5pre1.oops.tar.gz Type: Unix Tape Archive (application/x-tar)
> Encoding: base64
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