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SubjectReport several problem with kernel 2.4.5-ac1 ....
Hi everyone..


I got the kernel hang when I tried to run pppd without
any argument on the console (tty1 or tty2...); just
try to run


Sorry I can not copy all text here but this problem is
re-producible and wont happen if I run on pts/1 (for
example on xterm or rxvt )

pppd version 2.4.x
kernel 2.4.5-ac1
Debian 2.2.r3 with support for running kernel 2.4.x
(means every utilities is Ok)
i486 100Mhz 35Mb RAM
all kernel compile with gcc 2.95.2


Another thing I noticed is 2.4.5-ac1 uses more swap
than 2.4.4 in the same situation and in my machine,
performance is a bit worse than 2.4.4 (have not test
with 2.4.5).


In parport_pc.c the error:
parport_pc_find_ports 2618 too many arguments to
function parport_pc_init_superio

when compiling modules IF YOU DONT ENABLE PCI support
in the kernel config. From 2.4.4-pre6 up (not sure
exactly 6 or 5 something). First I dont know why
nobody reports this problem, but later I know the
reason is PCI is disabled. when trying to read the
code in parport_pc.c . And unfortunately I got the
rather rare machine not having PCI Bus...
so from that on I have to select PCI even I dont have
PCI system.


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