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SubjectAT keyboard optional on i386?

I'm trying to run Linux on a broken motherboard that is constantly
producing random noice on the AT keyboard port. I'm going to use a USB
keyboard, but I cannot get Linux to ignore the AT keyboard port.

Is there any way to disable the AT keyboard? I think the best solution
would be to make it optional, just like almost everything in the kernel,
e.g. PS/2 mouse. Some embedded i386 systems could save a few kilobytes of
RAM by disabling the AT keyboard.

It looks like that other architectures (arm and mips) already have an
option CONFIG_PC_KEYB exactly for that. However, it's a dependent variable
- it's set based on the machine type.

Does anybody have a patch for making AT keyboard optional on i386 or
should I make it myself?

Pavel Roskin

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