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SubjectRe: [with-PATCH-really] highmem deadlock removal, balancing & cleanup
On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 09:38:36PM -0400, Ben LaHaise wrote:
> You're missing a few subtle points:
> 1. reservations are against a specific zone

A single zone is not used only for one thing, period. In my previous
email I enlighted the only conditions under which a reserved pool can
avoid a deadlock.

> 2. try_to_free_pages uses the swap reservation

try_to_free_pages has an huge stacking under it, bounce
bufferes/loop/nbd/whatever being just some of them.

> 3. irqs can no longer eat memory allocations that are needed for
> swap

you don't even need irq to still deadlock.

> Note that with this patch the current garbage in the zone structure with
> pages_min (which doesn't work reliably) becomes obsolete.

The "garbage" is just an heuristic to allow atomic allocation to work in
the common case dynamically. Anything deadlock related cannot rely on

I am talking about fixing the thing, of course I perfectly know you can
hide it pretty well, but I definitely hate those kind of hiding patches.

> > The only case where a reserved pool make sense is when you know that
> > waiting (i.e. running a task queue, scheduling and trying again to
> > allocate later) you will succeed the allocation for sure eventually
> > (possibly with a FIFO policy to make also starvation impossible, not
> > only deadlocks). If you don't have that guarantee those pools
> > atuomatically become only a sourcecode and runtime waste, possibly they
> > could hide core bugs in the allocator or stuff like that.
> You're completely wrong here.

I don't think so.

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