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SubjectSpeeding up VFS using HW assist
Hello All,
I will be using Linux as the OS for an embedded system.
I was looking into 2.4.4 kernel code and saw the dcache implementation
in VFS which is pretty neat and fast by itself.

My question is, will I gain any considerable efficiency in file system
if I can move this "pathname -> inode" lookup into some proprietery
HW assist mechanism and take out the dcache hashing and "cached_lookup"

How good(bad) was it before the dcache implementation and in which release
was dcache feature added (was it only after 2.2.x release).
Did we get 2-3 times better performance with dcache? (if not, how much?)

Can anyone suggest any other place in the file system (VFS and EXT2) where
can use any HW assist (let us say FPGA implementing search, lookup, etc.)
to speed up file-system access (both for opening and read/write)

Would tweaking the buffer cache and page cache sizes make a considerable
effect on efficiency?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot,

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