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SubjectRe: Why side-effects on open(2) are evil. (was Re: [RFD w/info-PATCH]device arguments from lookup)
On Mon, 21 May 2001, David Lang wrote:

> what makes you think it's safe to say there's only one floppy drive?

Read as: it doesn't make sense to have per-fd state on a single floppy
device given that there's only one actual hardware instance associated
with it and multiple openers don't make sense. Opening a floppy at
different densities with magic filenames was an example Linus used earlier
in the thread. Surely there can be more than one drive and more than one
serial port.

> On Mon, 21 May 2001, Oliver Xymoron wrote:
> > On Sat, 19 May 2001, Alexander Viro wrote:
> >
> > > Let's distinguish between per-fd effects (that's what name in
> > > open(name, flags) is for - you are asking for descriptor and telling
> > > what behaviour do you want for IO on it) and system-wide side effects.
> > >
> > > IMO encoding the former into name is perfectly fine, and no write on
> > > another file can be sanely used for that purpose. For the latter, though,
> > > we need to write commands into files and here your miscdevices (or procfs
> > > files, or /dev/foo/ctl - whatever) is needed.
> >
> > I'm a little skeptical about the necessity of these per-fd effects in the
> > first place - after all, Plan 9 does without them. There's only one
> > floppy drive, yes? No concurrent users of serial ports? The counter that
> > comes to mind is sound devices supporting multiple opens, but I think
> > esound and friends are a better solution to that problem.

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