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SubjectRe: eepro100 rev 12 problems
Quoting Ion Badulescu (
> On Thu, 17 May 2001 16:59:04 +0100, James Fidell <> wrote:
> > I have two eepro100 interfaces in a machine, one rev 8, which works just
> > fine, and another rev 12, which appears as a device when the kernel boots
> > and can be configured with an IP address etc., but I can't get any data
> > in or out of it. All the other hardware looks like it's working fine and
> > all my rev 8 cards work, so I'm led to ask, are there any known problems
> > with eepro100 rev 12 cards under 2.2.18?
> Is this a real card, or is it built-in on the motherboard?

It's a real card.

> I don't think eepro100 has got much testing with rev > 9, though it should
> have worked. All eepro100 chips are supposed to be backwards compatible with
> the 82557, but maybe our driver initializes some registers in a way that
> upsets newer chips. Not having docs for the newer chips doesn't help,
> either...
> Intel's own e100 driver probably works, their code does things differently if
> rev >= 12 (what they call the D102 revision). Give it a spin, I guess.

For various reasons that are far to boring to go into here, I'm not entirely
free in my choice of card. What I'll probably do is try to get a rev 8 card
swapped in for the rev 12 one. If I can't get a rev 8 card for that machine,
I'll go with the e100 driver and let you know what happens.

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