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SubjectLinux LVM: external CVS access

As announced 3 weeks ago, we have set up external CVS write access now.

We hereby kindly invite major contributors like Andreas Dilger to join in :-)

In order to set an account up, please send your address information
(including postal, e-mail, phone and fax contacts) to me.

We reserve the right to decide about who is gained write access.

The decision will be based on just the following criteria:

- submitter contributes regularly

- submitter contributes major enhancements and/or bug fixes

In case you are accepted, you'll get all
access information to the server in return.

Please add a PGP key in order to encrypt the account password for you.

Thank you for supporting Linux LVM.


Heinz -- The LVM Guy --


Heinz Mauelshagen Sistina Software Inc.
Senior Consultant/Developer Am Sonnenhang 11
56242 Marienrachdorf
Germany +49 2626 141200
FAX 924446
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