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Hi all, howzit going ? ;-)

Maybe I'm being dumb but I've been working with Linux long enough not to
make a silly mistake *I hope*.

I think I've found a serious bug in AMD Athlon page_alloc.c routines in
kernel 2.4.4.
I'm running an AMD athlon 850 running at 100x8.5, everything is setup
correct on the DFI AK75-EC motherboard, if I set the CPU kernel type to 586
everything is 100%, if I use "Athlon" kernel type I get:
kernel BUG at page_alloc.c:73

The system then dies with:
exit mmap: map count is 13
I also get various "unable to handle paging requests" etc. etc.

I've changed RAM, Motherboard etc... still the same.
Also the same system runs linux-2.2.16 100%

I'm not subscribed to, so please cc me in your
reply to the list.

David Wilson
Technical Support Centre
The S.A Internet
0860 100 869

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