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SubjectRe: NETDEV_CHANGE events when __LINK_STATE_NOCARRIER is modified

> Each bus should

Not all the device are bound to some "bus".

> Are you talking about his 140k patch?


Size of patch and "simplicity" are orthogonal things.
It was simple like potatoe.

> I think a key point of my patch is that drivers now follow the method of
> other kernel drivers: perform all setup necessary, and then register the
> device in a single operation.

Nice. I agreed. I talk about other thing: after applying Andrew's patch
I saw good correct code. After you will fix all the devices, your patch will
be the same 140K or more due to killing refs t dev->name announced
to be illegal. 8)

> After register_foo(dev), all members of
> 'dev' are assumed to be filled in and ready for use. This is not the
> case ....................... using dev->init()...

Sorry? Why?

> Tangent - IMHO having register_netdev call dev->init is ugly and unusual
> compared to other driver APIs in the kernel. Your register function
> should not call out to driver functions, it should just register a new,
> already-set-up device in the subsystem and return.

Provided you teach me some way to generate unique identifiers, different
of device names.

> So you say a fatal bug remains in 2.4.5-pre1? If so please elaborate...

Probably, I am looking into different code, but I found only 15 references
to new interface.

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