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SubjectRe: NETDEV_CHANGE events when __LINK_STATE_NOCARRIER is modified

> Note that using dev->name during probe was always incorrect. Think
> about the error case:
> So, using interface name in this manner was always buggy because it
> conveys no useful information to the user.

I used to think about cases of success. 8)
In any case the question follows: do we have some another generic
unique human-readable identifier? Only if device is PCI?

Actually, I am puzzled mostly with Andrew's note about "simplicity".
Andrew's patch was evidently much __simpler__ than yours, at least,
it required one liner for each device and surely was not a "2.5 material".

> I'm all for removing it... I do not like removing it in a so-called
> "stable" series, though. alloc_etherdev() was enough to solve the race
> and flush out buggy drivers using dev->name during probe. Notice I did
> not remove init_etherdev and fix it properly -- IMHO that is 2.5
> material.

Nope, guy. Fixing fatal bug is always material of released kernel.

In any case the question remains: what is the sense of dev_probe_lock now?

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