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SubjectRe: Not a typewriter
On Fri, 11 May 2001, Hacksaw wrote:

>Well, I can't disagree. Unix's biggest turn off was the stupid command names.

I agree partially with that, but as someone who's used DCL in
VMS, I can say meaningful names are no better. People don't want
blah.. and when given DCL, once people understand how to create
logical names (the equiv of aliases in unix) they alias the above
verbose garbage down to 2-4 letter cryptic looking names. I
don't know anyone who has used VMS for more than 3 months who
hasn't done the above. Problem is that everyone chooses their
own cryptic shortcuts from everyone else. At least in UNIX, the
short cryptic names are the same everywhere, and you can alias
them to larger names if you like.

Signature poll: I'm planning on getting a 12 or 16 port autosensing
10/100 ethernet switch soon for home use, and am interested in hearing
others recommendations on what to buy. Cost isn't as important as is
functionality and quality. Any suggestions appreciated.

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