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SubjectHow can I help with VIA MVP3 problems?
I am not on this list but has followed it on Kernel Traffic.

Incidentally I have a VIA MVP3 (82C59?) motherboard with an AMD K6-2 3D CPU and
I haven't been too happy with the performance of 2.4.* kernels, and it includes
every release of Linus' and AC's test kernels, when comparing to 2.2.16 (my
reference 2.2 kernel).

My benchmarks are kernel compiles and the Livid OMS DVD application that are
noticeable slower.

Supposedly there are some problems with the VIA chipsets, but apparently it
has been better before so I wonder why it is worse now and what the plans are
regarding any improvement?

I would love to do something to help, ie. on the testing/bug reporting side of
things. I looked in the MAINTAINERS file, but couldn't find any general
maintainer for the VIA chipsets.

If I know what to test and look for I expect to provide much better bug reports
than this one, but a full test report would be many kilobytes of data so I
thought I'd hold it off in the first posting :-)



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