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SubjectRe: /proc/config idea
Jeff Garzik wrote:

> Jeremy Jackson wrote:
> > Yes, I like this. I do this manually, it allows reproducability, and
> > incremental
> > modifications, tracing how that kernel on that problem system was made...
> >
> > I think the ultimate would be to put all of .config (gzipped?) in a new ELF
> > section without the Loadable attribute... I wish was the same.
> > The you're guaranteed you know how a kernel on disk was configured.
> >
> > To correlate a running kernel to one on disk (vmlinuz) you have LILO...
> > it appends an environment variable to the kernel command line with
> > the name of the file it booted. This is not infallable, since LILO maps
> > disk sectors, only using the filesystem at map install time.
> >
> > Permaps an md5sum of the .text ELF section would conclusively
> > link the in-core kernel with an on-disk vmlinuz? Shouldn't be hard
> > to do with objcopy and /proc/kmem?
> [...]
> > Comments anyone?
> Instead of doing all this stuff in the kernel, you could simply update
> symlinks to properly installed files at boot time.
> Putting _files_ in the kernel is plain silly. This is unreclaimable

not in the kernel in an ELF section, marked not loadable. it never leaves the
as someone else posted, it's ~900 bytes gzipped (if you want to have it in core)

unfortunately (in the LILO case) x86 doesn't boot an ELF image... (oops)

> memory, folks. There is no need to special case an operation as simple

If you have a lot of kernels around, which Config-2.4.3 applies to kernel 2.4.3
given 5 to choose from...the idea (same for is that it being in the
file they can't be confused. Kinda like forks under Mac (but let's not go there

> as reading a file. [I think this about firmware images too, but that's
> another thread]

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