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SubjectUpgrading to 2.2.19pre to fix do_try_to_free_pages bug
Hi all,

I've been running into the do_try_to_free_pages problem on a server
running 2.2.18 and I just wish I'd looked at the list earlier to see
if it was a known bug. (And I'm relieved that it is a known bug, I'm
just surprised that I hadn't hit it earlier!)

Now that I know there's a fix in 2.2.19pre*, I need to upgrade. Since
I have limited opportunities to reboot (this is a Samba server for
student labs, and the coming week is the last week of term with
everyone working on their assignments), I need to be reasonably sure
that 2.2.19pre17 doesn't have any known showstopper bugs.

So, does anyone have any comments on whether or not 2.2.19pre17 is a
good move, or should I be looking at an earlier 2.2.19pre?

This is a dual PIII/600E, with a Mylex RAID controller, one 3c905B NIC,
an on-board Intel EEPro 100 interface, ext2 filesystems and disk quotas.

Thanks in advance for comments.

Martin Radford | "Only wimps use tape backup: _real_ | men just upload their important stuff -o)
Registered Linux user #9257 | on ftp and let the rest of the world /\\
- see | mirror it ;)" - Linus Torvalds _\_V
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