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SubjectRe: scsi_scan problem.
> Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 21:28:14 -0500
> From: Doug Ledford <>

> A bug report I was charged with fixing (qla2x00 driver doesn't see all luns or
> sees multiple identical luns in different scenarios) was not a bug in the
> qla2x00 driver. [...]
> The bug is that we were detecting offline devices and linking
> them into the device list.

Why is this a bug? What would happen when I telnet into the
the RAID box and enable my volumes on those LUNs?

> But, some devices (at least the Clariion raid
> chassis) report luns that don't currently have any device bound to them as
> present but offline. This meant if we truly scanned all luns then we got
> something like 100+ devices on one ID from this chassis when only 1 might be
> valid:-(

16384 LUNs for Fibre Channel. As you see, scanning is out of the
question. You must issue REPORT LUNs and fall back on scanning
if the device reports a check condition. I did that when I worked
in Sun Storage with A5000/A3500/T3 arrays couple of years ago.

-- Pete
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