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    SubjectRe: scsi_scan problem.
    > I applied the first hunk to version 2.4.3-pre4, as by email with Doug.
    > The output for the scsi devices follows and is identical with and
    > without the patch. Maybe someone can explain the meaning of the illegal
    > requests at the end. Nevertheless, I can use the drive fine.

    If your testing Doug's patch, it might be a good idea to run with/without
    your adapter built as a module, as the kernel is inconsistent in its setting
    of "online" in scsi.c: it sets online TRUE after an attach in
    scsi_register_device_module(), but leaves online as is after an
    attach in scsi_register_host().

    So, if the scan_scsis set online FALSE, it sometimes is set back to TRUE;
    otherwise, I don't think any other code will set online to TRUE (once it
    is set to FALSE after its scanned, no one can even open the device, not even sg).

    The online = TRUE should probably be removed from scsi_register_device_module(),
    as disks with peripheral qualifier 1 (like Doug's the Clariion storage)
    ususally complain when sent a READ CAPACITY. I got such errors when running with
    a Clariion DASS (DGC RAID/DISK, scsi attached disk array).

    Doug - did you try running with/without your adapter built as a module? I'd
    expect you to get a READ CAPACITY failure for each LUN with PQ 1.

    -- Patrick Mansfield
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