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SubjectPS hanging in 2.4.1 - HAPPENING NOW!!!
[root@coredump spstarr]# killall -9 gnomeicu

... waiting...

spstarr 67 -bash read_chan
root 68 /sbin/mingetty t read_chan
root 69 /sbin/mingetty t read_chan
root 73 inetd do_select
root 74 xfs do_select
spstarr 83 -bash wait4
daemon 561 named -u daemon rt_sigsuspend
daemon 562 named -u daemon do_poll
daemon 563 named -u daemon rt_sigsuspend
daemon 564 named -u daemon nanosleep
daemon 565 named -u daemon do_select
root 26231 ./a.out wait_for_connect
spstarr 9297 /bin/sh /usr/X11 wait4
spstarr 9300 xinit /usr/X11R6 wait4
root 9301 X :0 do_select
spstarr 9303 gnome-session do_poll
spstarr 9309 esd -terminate - down_interruptible
spstarr 9311 gnome-smproxy -- do_select
spstarr 9325 /usr/local/bin/s do_select
spstarr 9327 panel --sm-confi do_poll
spstarr 9329 gnome-name-servi do_poll
spstarr 9332 tasklist_applet do_poll
spstarr 9334 quicklaunch_appl unix_stream_data_wait

[root@coredump /root]# uptime
5:45pm up 4 days, 7:04, 4 users, load average: 3.37, 1.81, 0.92

Huh??/ why is my load average gone up?!?

the load average just went crazy..

uname -a
Linux coredump 2.4.1 #1 Tue Jan 30 10:21:42 EST 2001 i586 unknown

Help, I forgot the small script Linus made to see the /proc values:

XMMS *WAS* running at the time of this lock. Im waiting further


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