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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: 2.2.19pre7 opps on low mem machine
> OK, following the reiserfs/compiler thread, I can see now that my bug report
> may have been ignored since I was using a non-kosher compiler (although I
> have used it since late October -99 without any problems). Or, it might not
> have been ignored, just nobody told me he/she wasted some time on it. Since
> it seems to be hardware related; that oops wasn't the only one, and after
> some more strange behaviour, I moved the hard drive to another, almost
> identical, PC, with even less memory, 16 MB (but this one I have the chips
> to run 48 MB, but I wanted to stress it). And it's been running for a week
> now, like a clock.

Thanks for the info. I dont ignore gcc 2.95 stuff with 2.2 nowdays since Im
pretty sure 2.2 + gcc 2.95 is solid
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