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SubjectProblems with irda (irlap, ircomm)
I got a problem with my irda stuff.
Version: "Linux version 2.4.2-pre2 (root@gozfand.ze) (gcc version 2.96
20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.0)) #1 SMP Sat Feb 10 02:26:51 CET 2001"

I try to dial to the Internet via a cellphone/irda (Nokia 8850) Dongle =
Tekram IrMate 210B dongle

It works fine on the v2.2 kernel, but it dosen't work so nice on v2.4
(2.4.0 -> 2.4.2pre2 and all ac's)

I got irda-utils-0.9.13.tar.gz and irda-utils-0.9.13-5.i386.rpm (both works
exactly the same) and pppd version 2.4.0b2-2.
Started the ir with this command: irattach /dev/ttyS0 -d tekram

Feb 10 17:46:01 gozfand kernel: IrLAP, no activity on link!
Feb 10 17:46:10 gozfand chat[2608]: warning: read() on stdin returned 0
Feb 10 17:46:10 gozfand chat[2608]: send (+++)
Feb 10 17:46:11 gozfand chat[2608]: -- write failed: Input/output error
Feb 10 17:46:11 gozfand chat[2608]: Failed
Feb 10 17:46:11 gozfand chat[2608]: Can't restore terminal parameters:
Input/output error
Feb 10 17:46:11 gozfand pppd[2606]: Connect script failed

I get that problem. After like 20 tryes, i can get the link up, for a
shortwhile.. then the message "IrLAP, no activity on link!" appears. And
kills the link.

I have this under irda support in the menuconfig:
<M> IrDA subsystem support
<M> IrCOMM protocol
[*] Ultra (connectionless) protocol
[*] IrDA protocol options
[*] Cache last LSAP
[*] Fast RRs
<M> IrTTY (uses Linux serial driver)
<M> IrPORT (IrDA serial driver)
[*] Serial dongle support
<M> Tekram IrMate 210B dongle
And this is from "lsmod":
ircomm-tty 32144 0
ircomm 13904 0 [ircomm-tty]
tekram 2192 1 (autoclean)
irtty 7728 2 (autoclean)
irda 157904 1 (autoclean) [ircomm-tty ircomm tekram

I have tryed it on a other computer, with rh7 2.4, and it was the same

Sorry for the misspelling!

Fredrik Falk

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