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    SubjectRe: Deadlock on kernels > 2.4.13-pre6
    | I've recently compiled and tested each kernel since 2.4.13-pre6[0],
    | and I've noticed a recurrent (and reproducible[1]) deadlock on my
    | system when I try to play an mp3[2].

    I have now seen two lockups under 2.4.16 that may be the same problem.
    Points of similarity:
    - playing mp3s (both times have been streaming mp3 audio over my PPP link)
    - Creative Soundblaster AWE (AWE32 for me, though); mine is configured
    entirely through the kernel's PnP mechanisms.

    I believe my lockups are irregular and infrequent, but it may just feel
    that way to me because I haven't listened to mp3's on this machine very

    When the hang happens, the first symptom is that my mouse cursor in
    X locks and stops tracking; music continues playing for a bit longer
    before stopping. As far as I can tell nothing really happens after that
    point; if I forcefully disconnect the PPP link it does not redial, for
    example. SysRq-B will reboot the machine but SysRq-S to sync it will
    produce no audible results, and SysRq-U doesn't seem to have any effect.
    (This is an isolated home machine, which makes more precise diagnostics
    hard to get when it hangs in X.)

    2.4.13-ac5 is, as far as I can tell, completely stable. I don't have
    experience with intermediate kernel versions; I jumped straight from
    2.4.13-ac5 to 2.4.16.

    My environment is UP Pentium II, ext2, aic7880 SCSI with a single disk,
    Matrox G400 AGP graphics, XFree86 4.1.0 (using the fully free drivers).
    Both lockups have happened while X was running.

    I will see if I can reproduce a lockup in the console and capture
    SysRq output that's got some useful information.

    - cks
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