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SubjectDeadlock on kernels > 2.4.13-pre6
Hi everyone,

I've recently compiled and tested each kernel since 2.4.13-pre6[0], and
I've noticed a recurrent (and reproducible[1]) deadlock on my system
when I try to play an mp3[2].

It occurs randomly, i.e. not after a precise amount of time the mp3 is
playing, but each and every time I try to play an mp3 file, my box
suddenly ``freeze'': no life signs at all (SysRq keys, network, even via
a serial terminal), no Oops, no trace in logs. The box simply `dies'.

I've tried hundreds of combinations, trying to understand where the
problem lies, and I've come up with... er... nothing...

o it's not ext3: even vanilla kernels lock up;
o it's not an hardware problem: I've tested my RAM and compiled
kernels over kernels with (and without) optimization;
o kernels <= 2.4.13-pre6 works properly;
o it's not the player/library fault: I've tried many
players, on different libraries; besides, a user-level program
shouldn't cause such deadlocks;
o every other operation on kernels > 2.4.13-pre6 works quite well
(this new VM is *great*), *except* when I try to listen a
mp3[3]: that always leads to disaster.

So far, I've excluded everything but a bug in the OSS sound drivers,
but, according to the ChangeLogs, they did not change from 2.4.13-pre6
(the last working kernel) to 2.4.13.



[0] Mainly, because it was the first kernel with the new VM and with the
ext3 patch available, excluding 2.4.10.

[1] At least, on my box.

[2] I use a SoundBlaster AWE64 (ISA) perfectly recognized both by isapnp
and 2.4.x kernels, using OSS modules. Yes, I've also tried not to use
modules. No, I did not try ALSA. Yes, the card works perfectly.

[3] Any other format, except .MOD files, works perfectly. And that's why
I suspect the sequencer code.


Emmanuele Bassi (Zefram) [ ]
GnuPG Key fingerprint = 4DD0 C90D 4070 F071 5738 08BD 8ECC DB8F A432 0FF4
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