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SubjectRe: Booting a modular kernel through a multiple streams file
Marcus Meissner wrote:

> In article <> you wrote:
>>>Basically what Grub does is loads the kernel modules from disk
>>>into memory, and 'tells' the kernel the memory location to load
>>>them from, very similar to how an initrd file is loaded. The problem
>>>is Linux, is not MBS compilant and doesn't know to look for and load
>>>the modules.
>>And vendors who've shipped GRUB still have to ship Lilo because Grub
>>doesn't work on some machines. Lilo has the virtue that its extremely
>>in what it does and how it does it. It works in a suprisingly large
>>of cases and can handle interesting setups that GRUB really struggles
> Apart that it moves the initrd somewhere unsafe on high memory machines
> and some other odds ends we have fixed, I know of exactly 1 problem
with a
> hw raid controller, which we did not come around to debug yet.

I'm just wondering if you mean the (almost) RAID HPT370. You can fix
this by avoiding the "embed" command, which overwrites the raid setup
information. Just "dd" the file system module to a higher offset (e.g.
16) and run grub's "install" command manually.


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