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SubjectRe: AIC7850 panic (post 2.4.14)

> I had the exact same problem with this chipset (Adaptec 2904), but I
> increased the "Initial bus reset delay" from 150 ms to 250 and solved it.

I've tried that, and also reducing TCQs to 8 as suggested elsewhere.
Unfortunately it hasn't solved the problem, it just takes longer to die.

> By the way, do you have cdrom's attached to your scsi card? Beware,
> since 2.5.1-pre8 (at least) the PC will hang solid if I try to mount a
> data cd. Up to 2.5.1-pre11 the problem remains. Can you verify this
> (without mounting any disk, of course)?

Yes, the card drives a CDROM unit and a DVD-RAM drive.
However I don't intend to try 2.5 for a good few months yet.

> Regards,

JP Morris - aka DOUG the Eagle (Dragon) -=UDIC=-
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