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SubjectSecurity issues in 2.4.9 and beyond
Hi guys,

I am putting together a database of errata for Linux 2.4.x. It will have
individual patches for each major bug (at the moment thats just security
flaws) and a mega-patch for each version. I am starting on kernel 2.4.9
for no other reason as this is what I currently use...

This is what I have so far for 2.4.9:
1. Netfilter mac address matching bug
2. ptrace race condition
3. symlink DoS
4. syncookie/netfilter bug
5. Netfilter FTP conntrack bug (can someone confirm this ??)

I have patches only for item 1 at the moment. I can rip out the patch
for 3 and possibly 4. If there is interest I will post a URL to them

Does anyone here know of any other issues in this kernel (or newer
kernels) or have access to any of the patches I am missing? You can mail
patches to me directly if they are big or you feel they are irrelivant
to the list.


// Gianni Tedesco <>
80% of all email is a figment of procmails imagination.

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