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SubjectRe: Included NIC module in newly compiled 2.4.130 finds only the first of 3 NICs 3c509
In article <6LdG7.12321$> you write:
>All my three 3c509 cards work correctly under the original 2.2X kernel,
>using the modules (eth0,eth1 eth2)
>I downloaded the new kernel 2.4.130 and compiled it up.
>I said YES "*" to add my NIC driver (3c509.0)
>New kernel compiled fine and "teddy" boots up fine.
>However the new kernel (which has 3c509.0 support in it) only finds the
>first 3c509, it says "Delayed initialization"
>on eth1 and eth2.
>Why doesn't the new kernel with built in support find multiple instances of
>my card??
>I ran depmod -a and created the /lib/modules/2.4.13 folder...still nada....
>Any ideas????

Well, I would try the 3c59x driver for starters, built as a module.
Source code claims that it does the 3c905 and I believe I have it
running on some of my servers which are behind a firewall and can't
readily be checked.

bill davidsen <>
His first management concern is not solving the problem, but covering
his ass. If he lived in the middle ages he'd wear his codpiece backward.
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