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SubjectRe: [PATCH] IBM T23; quirks force enable interrupts in APM set power state, causes crash on suspend
> Summary: dmi_scan.c forces interrupt enable on during PCI BIOS
> call for all IBM machines, which breaks T23, which needs it
> off it seems.
> BIOS Vendor: IBM
> BIOS Version: 1AET38WW (1.01b)
> BIOS Release: 07/27/2001

I would suggest that you try upgrading your firmware before
concluding that your patch is necessary. The latest firmware
listed on IBM's website is version 1.03 = 1AET43WW,
released 19 October 2001. There have been a LOT of changes since
version 1.01 of the firmware. Here is IBM's changelog:

> I. Summary of changes
> version 1.01 - 1AET38WW
> (New) Support for ThinkPad T23.
> version 1.02 - 1AET40WW
> (New) Support F11 key handling on logo screen for new
> recovery program.
> NOTE: xKx and xLx models are not supported.
> (Fix) IBM Token-Ring PC card does not work after Hibernation
> wakeup under Microsoft Windows 98.
> (Fix) FDD read/write access fail on Microsoft Windows XP.
> (Fix) POST 175 error appear.
> (Fix) USB device which is connected to USB port in docking
> station does not work on Microsoft Windows 95.
> (Fix) System can not boot from USB Portable Device Bay.
> (Fix) Japanese message of eFlash is corrupted.
> (Fix) Two different docking configuration is made.
> (Fix) Ctrl+Alt+Del cause system hang on DOS/V.
> (Fix) Blue screen appear after standby/resume on Microsoft
> Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
> (Fix) Noise appear when TV out is used.
> version 1.03 - 1AET43WW
> (Fix) Resume hang occur on Windows 2000 when USB CCD
> camera is attached.
> (Fix) RIPL from PCMCIA TokeRing adapter card in docking station
> does not work.
> (Fix) UltraDMA mode 5 (ATA/100) does not enabled on Windows 2000.

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