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Subject[PATCH] Fix for sys_nanosleep() in 2.4.16

For many of us, the kernel thread scheduling resolution is
10ms (see getitimer(2)). By adding 1 jiffy to the time to
sleep in sys_nanosleep(), threads are sleeping 10ms too long.
timespec_to_jiffies() does a good job at returning the
appropriate number of jiffies to sleep. There is no need to
add one for good measure.

Mike Arras

diff -urN linux-2.4.16/kernel/timer.c linux/kernel/timer.c
--- linux-2.4.16/kernel/timer.c Mon Oct 8 13:41:41 2001
+++ linux/kernel/timer.c Wed Nov 28 00:23:15 2001
@@ -825,7 +825,7 @@
return 0;

- expire = timespec_to_jiffies(&t) + (t.tv_sec || t.tv_nsec);
+ expire = timespec_to_jiffies(&t);

current->state = TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE;
expire = schedule_timeout(expire);
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