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SubjectRe: Problems with APM suspend and ext3
Kamil Iskra wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Andrew Morton wrote:
> > I don't understand what can be causing the behaviour which you
> > report. Presumably, some application is generating disk writes,
> > and kjournald is thus performing disk IO every five seconds.
> The only such "application" could be syslogd or apmd. There is virtually
> nothing more running in single user mode.
> > If possible, could you please edit fs/jbd/journal.c and change
> >
> > journal->j_commit_interval = (HZ * 5);
> > to
> > journal->j_commit_interval = (HZ * 30);
> Just tried it. Unfortunately, it didn't improve anything. Consistent
> failure what doing "apm -s". I tried some 15 times or so in single user
> mode.
> Should you, or anybody else, have further suggestions, I'll be happy to
> try them out.

I'm stumped. Sorry. I was hoping Alan would leap in with
words of revelation.

Maybe you can turn on APM debugging with `apm=debug' on the
LILO command line, or `modprobe apm debug=1', see if that
provides a hint. APM debug mode doesn't seem to do much though.

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