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SubjectRe: Problems with APM suspend and ext3
On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Andrew Morton wrote:

> I don't understand what can be causing the behaviour which you
> report. Presumably, some application is generating disk writes,
> and kjournald is thus performing disk IO every five seconds.

The only such "application" could be syslogd or apmd. There is virtually
nothing more running in single user mode.

> If possible, could you please edit fs/jbd/journal.c and change
> journal->j_commit_interval = (HZ * 5);
> to
> journal->j_commit_interval = (HZ * 30);

Just tried it. Unfortunately, it didn't improve anything. Consistent
failure what doing "apm -s". I tried some 15 times or so in single user

Should you, or anybody else, have further suggestions, I'll be happy to
try them out.

Kamil Iskra
Section Computational Science, Faculty of Science, Universiteit van Amsterdam tel. +31 20 525 75 35 fax. +31 20 525 74 90
Kruislaan 403 room F.202 1098 SJ Amsterdam The Netherlands

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