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Subjectnetwork stall for kernel 2.2.19

This is my first post to this list and I'm unsure if this is the right place
for my problem but I have read the FAQ and searched the archive without any

At home I have a gateway-machine running kernel 2.2.19 which connects with ppp
to the internet and masq my main machine running kernel 2.4.12.
All the masq and forwarding stuff works great for most of the time.

But while connected I sometimes get a network stall at the gateway. I cannot
load any page, I always get a timeout. This only affects the gateway, not my
client machine. While the gateway can't open any connection, everything works at
my client!
After a half hour (or so) without any action from me everything goes back to
normal so also the gateway can make connections again.

I made some tcpdumps which I have attached:

The first "client-out1" is from "tcpdump -i ppp0" when running
"lynx" at the client machine.
The page load is successful.

The second "server-out1" show the ouput of tcpdump when trying to load the same
page at the server.

The third "server-out2" is the ouput when everything is normal at the server.

I can't really read the tcpdump-output but what I notice is the missing "ack"!

I think the forwarding/masq works in this situation so the client isn't
affected, but something is wrong at the server.

My configuration:
Slackware 7
Kernel 2.2.19
PIII 800
Slackware 7 modified for Kernel 2.4
Kernel 2.4.12

Please ask for more information, I don't know what's important and what's not.

Upgrade to Kernel 2.4 at the server isn't a choice.

Perhaps this has nothing to do with the kernel network code, but any help is
welcome, this problem is really annoying.

And again, if this is the wrong place for my problem, please excuse me.

Thanks in advance,

Ralf Hoffmann

P.S.: Please CC to me because I'm not subscribed to the list.

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