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SubjectAnnoying msgs about hda


[*** Please CC your answer to me directly, as I'm currently not subscribed
to lkml ***]

I'm building a tiny Linux system of my own (no distro, although I'm using
Debian as a "sample"), which boots from a CompactFlash and uncompresses a
RAMDisk into RAM. The CompactFlash remains usually unmounted (except
during boot, when I want to save the system's configuration, upgrade the
RAMDIsk image, etc.). I'm using kernel 2.4.9.

I've noticed that every time I mount, fsck, or do any other "low-level"
access to the CompactFlash (which is seen as a HD, /dev/hda), I get the
following msgs:

# mount /flash/config
hda: hda1 hda2 hda3 <--+---- These msgs (yes, they always show up twice)
hda: hda1 hda2 hda3 <--+

If I place the _same_ CF in a Debian Potato system using the same kernel,
I don't get these msgs when mounting the CF. I'm pretty sure these msgs
come from the kernel (I believe from the check_partition() function on
linux/fs/partitions/check.c), but it's really annoying to get these msgs
every time I mount the device!!

Is there a way to prevent this?!?! Or ... why doesn't it happen on a
"regular" distro (like my Debian system)??

TIA for any advice/comment/insight.


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