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SubjectRe: Bug in ext3
On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 09:22:53AM -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Ben Collins wrote:
> >
> > I recently compiled support for ext3 into the kernel (2.4.15-pre4) and
> > booted that kernel onto a system that didn't have any ext3 partitions.
> > On boot I got these messages:
> >
> > JBD: no valid journal superblock found
> > JBD: no valid journal superblock found
> > EXT3-fs: error loading journal.
> >
> It sounds like the superblock claims to be an ext3 fs, but something
> has scrogged the journal file.
> e2fsck should have removed the journal in this situation, with
> the message "*** ext3 journal has been deleted - filesystem is
> now ext2 only ***".
> Please send the output of dumpe2fs, and of `fsck -fy'.

No, it has always been an ext2 filesystem, and never was ext3. Fsck
shows no errors. The point being that I do _not_ want my root filesystem
to be ext3, but I do want ext3 built into the kernel. That case should
not cause a problem like I have seen.


/ Ben Collins -- Debian GNU/Linux \
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