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SubjectRe: Bug in ext3
Ben Collins wrote:
> I recently compiled support for ext3 into the kernel (2.4.15-pre4) and
> booted that kernel onto a system that didn't have any ext3 partitions.
> On boot I got these messages:
> JBD: no valid journal superblock found
> JBD: no valid journal superblock found
> EXT3-fs: error loading journal.

It sounds like the superblock claims to be an ext3 fs, but something
has scrogged the journal file.

e2fsck should have removed the journal in this situation, with
the message "*** ext3 journal has been deleted - filesystem is
now ext2 only ***".

Please send the output of dumpe2fs, and of `fsck -fy'.

Probably you can repair it by booting with `init=/bin/sh' and
running `tune2fs -O ^has-journal' agains the fs, and then fscking
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