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SubjectRe: [OT] Odd partition overlapping problem
On Wed, 2001-11-14 at 02:48, Andrew Ebling wrote:
> Did you by any chance format/partition the disk using Linux Mandrake
> 7.1/7.2 at some point in the past? I had a similar problem and
> eventually traced it back to a bug in the Mandrake installer which
> creates overlapping partitions. I realised after running defrag in
> windows, which quite happily defragmented the first 200MB of my Linux
> partition!

Ouch. I used Mandrake 8.0... It seems my hda 6 os overlapping my hda4.
If I delete my extended partition, restart to windows and use dos fdisk
to create a new d:, there is the risk of this d: overwriting something
more important than my evolution install. I'm going to try this anyway.
I can always set up a swap *file* instead.

Partition table:
Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/hda1 * 1 523 4200966 c Win95 FAT32 (LBA)
/dev/hda2 524 525 16065 83 Linux
/dev/hda3 526 2647 17044965 83 Linux
/dev/hda4 2648 3736 8747392+ 5 Extended
/dev/hda5 2648 2713 530113+ 82 Linux swap
/dev/hda6 2714 3736 8217216 c Win95 FAT32 (LBA)

Please cc to me, I'm not on the list.

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