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Subject2.4.10 kernel Oops with compressed ramdisk

When attempting to load a compressed ramdisk from a floppy, the kernel
has a NULL pointer dereference. The problem occurs inside of
rd_load_image(). rd_load_image() -> identify_ramdisk_image() ->
do_generic_file_read() -> update_atime() is the call trace.
inode->i_sb is not being set somewhere and the macro IS_NOATIME attempts
to dereference it.

#define IS_NOATIME(inode) (__IS_FLG(inode, MS_NOATIME) || ((inode)->i_flags & S_NOATIME))

#define __IS_FLG(inode,flg) ((inode)->i_sb->s_flags & (flg))

Any ideas where inode->i_sb should be set?
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