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Subject100% sync block device on 2.2 ?


i wrote a block driver for a custom battery-backup'ed sram-isa card
which is io mapped. (kernel is 2.2.16, switch to 2.4.x impossible)

i have a minix fs on it.

everything works fine, except that i need my sram-disk _absolutely_
in sync. i mounted -o sync, but the kernel does'nt seem to sync
so after any reboot my data is corrupt, which is a problem.

this is my /proc/sys/vm/bdflush, which i tuned:
1 5000 5 25 1 100 100 1 1

so, it should flush dirty buffers all 100hz, if i am right.

is there any way to bypass/disable buffer cache for my block device?
why does this work in floppy.c?
how does sct's rawdevice stuff do this?
(i checked both .c but cant get the clue)

thanks a lot for help, karl.

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