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SubjectRe: debugging tools under 2.2.18 with RTL 3.0 pre10 patch
Where are not handling IO from user space but we are synchronizing those
materials with a kind of automation...
And all our tasks ( video capture and analysis, commands and data from and
to VTR and Video server, GUI refresh and more ) should be done within 20 ms,
that is why we needed and installed RTL.

I should have precised that obviously all of our code is not in the kernel.

And not to be insulting : what an useful answer U made ... ;op
However thank you for having began this thread...

Best regards
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From: "Mark Hahn" <>
To: "Matthieu Fleurmont" <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 12:52 AM
Subject: Re: debugging tools under 2.2.18 with RTL 3.0 pre10 patch

> > We are developping a few kernel modules handling serial ports in order
to have a
> > real time control on professional video systems as VTR, video servers
and more
> > ...
> realtime IO from user-space is not hard.
> > I am looking for a way that would allow me to have a kind of core dump
> > of of freezing and rebooting my box when my code is wrong and the module
> > working properly...
> >
> > Thanks to any one who already solved this problem and would share its
> > with me.
> not to be insulting, but crashing is exactly why any code that
> doesn't absolutely have to be in the kernel, shouldn't be in the kernel...

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