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Subjecteepro100 quirk with APM suspend on Dell laptops
Hi there,

With the earlier discussion about the eepro100 vs the e100, and with
hotplug PCI going into the -ac series kernel, I think it's topical I
discuss an APM related quirk.

If you buy a Dell Inspiron with the inbuilt ethernet option, you get a PCI
eepro100. If you suspend and resume, however, the card seems to be in a
funny state that an rmmod/modprobe won't fix.

I worked around the problem, by adding to the APM config this pre-suspend

ifdown eth0
rmmod eepro100

And to the resume action:

setpci -s8:4 4=17 5=1 c=8 d=20 11=f0 12=ff 13=fb \
14=c1 15=dc 1a=e0 1b=fb 33=fc 3c=b
ifup eth0

The setpci command was derived by comparing the contents of the PCI
configuration area for that device before and after a suspend, and
updating only the areas that changed.

Is this a job for `PCI hotplug', a eepro100 driver bug, or something else?

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