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Subjectdnotify semantics
Currently when monitoring a directory using dnotify you get notifications 
whenever some file in the directory changes, or is added/removed. But when
the directory itself is changed (i.e. chmoded) you don't get any notification.

Reading Documentation/dnotify.txt it does not seem clear what the expected
behaviour is, it says:

The intention of directory notification is to allow user applications
to be notified when a directory, or any of the files in it, are changed.

But then:

DN_ACCESS A file in the directory was accessed (read)
DN_MODIFY A file in the directory was modified (write,truncate)
DN_CREATE A file was created in the directory
DN_DELETE A file was unlinked from directory
DN_RENAME A file in the directory was renamed
DN_ATTRIB A file in the directory had its attributes
changed (chmod,chown)

(i.e. no directory was changed event)

This is somewhat of a problem for me, implementing fam using dnotify. When
monitoring a directory i need to send events also when the directory
changes. The only way this can be done with the current semantics would be
to monitor both the directory and it's parent. Unfortunately this could
create many spurious events/stats, and is not possible to do for the root

Is there any chance that we can get a change in semantics so that changes
to the directory itself also causes a notification?

/ Alex

(Please CC me, I'm not on the linux-kernel list)

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