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Subject[PATCH] triple_down in fs.h
First, I'd like to send a thank to the Linux community from my father who
passed away this morning. He was very impressed by Linux and other free or
semi-free software like Samba, MySQL, GIMP and StarOffice.

Now to the patch:
I've made a couple of minor (but important?) changes in my patch of
{double,triple}_down in include/linux/fs.h.


1) Added #undef's of my macros.
Thanks to Mitchell Blank Jr who proposed this change.
Also thanks to Yaroslav Popovitch who told me he had got an error caused
by the lack of #undef's.

2) Changed the names of the macros to further minimize the risk for name
collision; exch -> exch_vars, sort -> sort_vars.

Per Persson
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