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Subject[PATCH] kernel 2.4.12: drivers/parport/ieee1284_ops.c undefined symbol
When compiling the latest kernel (2.4.12), gcc failed, in
drivers/parport/ieee1284_ops.c with two errors about an undefined
symbol, IEEE1284_PH_DIR_UNKNOWN.

I looked at the source, and found that the symbol apparently (as far as
I can tell, anyway) should have been IEEE1284_PH_ECP_DIR_UNKNOWN.

I made the changes, recompiled, set my parallel port to ECP in the BIOS,
and was able to successfully print using lpr, so I am fairly sure it
works well. However, I haven't been able to try any demanding
ECP-specific tests (like, for example, custom hardware using the ECP
protocol, with both forward and reverse channels). I have no such

Let me know if the change makes sense or not. Thanks.

Oh, and I am using gcc 2.95.3, make 3.79.1, and binutils, if
that matters (I think not, given the nature of the error).

Sorry if this has been addressed already, but I didn't see it in a
search of the archive (through Oct 15) on[unhandled content-type:application/x-tar]
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