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SubjectFw: NFSD over TCP: TCP broken?
> Hi,
> I've been looking at running nfsd over tcp on Linux. I modified the #ifdef
> so that nfsd uses tcp. I also made writes to the socket blocking, so that
> the thread blocks till the entire reply has been accepted by TCP. (I know
> the right way is going to be to have an independent thread whose job would
> be to just pick replies off a queue and block on sending them to tcp, but
> this is what I've done temporarily.)
> Then I tried to copy a directory from a Solaris client to the Linux server
> using nfsv3 over tcp. This took a long time, with lots of delays where
> nothing was being transferred.
> Looking at the network traces, it looks like the RPC records being sent
> TCP are inconsistent with the lengths specified in the record marker. This
> happens mainly when 3-4 requests arrive one after the other and you have
> threads replying to these requests in parallel. It looks like TCP gets
> hopelessly confused and botches up the replies being sent. I point my
> at TCP because tcp_sendmsg returns a valid length indicating that the
> reply was accepted, but the tcp sequence numbers show that the RPC record
> sent on the wire wasn't equal to the length accepted by TCP. After a
> the client realizes it's out of sync when it gets an invalid RPC record
> marker, and resets and reconnects. This repeats multiple times.
> Is TCP known to break when multiple threads try to send data down the pipe
> simulaneously? Is there a known fix for this? Where should I be focussing
> fix the problem?
> I'm not on the list, so please include me in replies.
> Thanks,
> Shirish

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