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SubjectRe: Ftape bug
On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Tony Sumner wrote:

>I have a problem with ftape. What happened was that I had a backup on
>QIC80 tape that I made from Red Hat 5.2 and I (foolishly?) installed
>SuSE 7.0. I then found I could not read the tape with the newer version
>of ftape.
>Kernel version: was 2.0.36, now 2.2.16
>ftape version: 3.04d
>what went wrong: tob reported 'No input'. The log in /var/spool/messages
> had a report from ftape to say that it was looking at a
> new cartridge. An extract from the log is below. It was not
> a new cartridge -- I have been able to read it by reloading
> kernel 2.0.36 and the corresponding version 2.08 of ftape.

Right. I'm pretty sure ftape-3.04d (as included in current 2.2 and 2.4
kernels) doesn't maintain read-compatibility with ftape-2.08. (See
Documentation/ftape.txt "Changes", and drivers/char/ftape/RELEASE-NOTES
about "sftape" being gone.)

I think your best bet is to read the tape using your 2.0.36 kernel
with ftape 2.08, reboot into 2.2.16, format the tape (or get a new one),
and then dump the data again using ftape 3.04d. Oh, and DON'T use the
built-in compression support. It's gone in ftape 4 :-)

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>you to Cc any reply to me at

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