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SubjectRe: kernel network problem ?
On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Helge Hafting wrote:

> Nicolas Noble wrote:
> [...]
> As others have told already, this is the ECN problem.
> > I noticed the same bug. This is very weired, I can send a list of sites
> > which I can't connect anymore.
> You have a list? Send all of them a message stating that they ought
> to upgrade their firewalls which cause this problem. Or they
> will loose customers/visitors. Cisco already have an upgrade for them,
> so fixing is dead easy, and they can then boast compatibility with
> the latest internet standards.
> If they don't care about linux users, tell them that windows eventually
> will use ECN too. They definitely don't want to have a ECN problem when
> that happens.

After upgrading to kernel 2.4.0, I found myself unable to retrieve mail
from Adelphia's (2-way cable ISP) POP server. It took several days to
figure out that _one_ of their routers was configured to block ECN. After
bringing this to the attention of their network engineers, I was informed
that their policy prohibits making any router changes on the basis of one
trouble report. The person I spoke with did NOT try to defend their
setup, but it was made clear that they'll do nothing until Windows breaks.

If I were packaging a Linux distribution, I'd be sure to have ECN disabled
by default, FWIW.


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