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SubjectAre PCI add-on Cardbus Readers supported by the 2.4.0 kernel?

I would like to perform more PCMCIA/Cardbus testing
on a wider array of systems. I am considering buying
a Ratoc Cardbus PC Adapter (model number CBS51U).

Here are the specs:

PCI-CardBus Bridge adapter board
Allows CardBus PC Cards to be shared by both portable and desktop PC.
Supplied ISA-IRQ routing board allows you to use 16-bit PC Cards.
Automatic detection between 16-bit and CardBus PC Card.
ACPI support
for PC with PCI slot/ISA slot

Bus type : Type II CardBus
Bus mastering : Yes

Data Transfer Rate
Compression : (Native/Uncompressed)

The specs mention Win98 support. Hopefully that doesn't
mean this is some sort of "WinCardbus Reader" heap of junk.

Has anyone gotten this board or a similar one from
another manufacturer to work?


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