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    SubjectRe: ramfs problem... (unlink of sparse file in "D" state)

    On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Stefan Traby wrote:

    > Because I have no knowledge on this I suggest that you and Ulrich fight
    > together on a more flexible solution than the current one. I guess
    > that Linus would accept this without thinking too much about it.

    Unfortunately, Ulrich's taste was incompatible with mine in almost all
    cases I can recall. So "together" is very likely to be "hand-to-hand".
    glibc is hopelessly ugly. If it can be made cleaner without making
    the kernel API ugly - wonderful. If not - too bad. For glibc.

    IOW, if you can propose clean API - do it. If Ulrich can do that - great,
    I'm more than willing to listen. I'm not holding my breath on the last
    one, though.

    PS: The day when Linus will really switch to accepting API changes without
    thinking about them will be the day when I stop work on his tree.
    So far it had not happened and I like it that way, thank you very much.

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