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SubjectRe: APIC-ERROR-Messages -

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Alan Cox wrote:

> > as far as I understood my smp-board seem not well designed - so I get APIC
> > error messages nearly every 1-3 seconds. These mmessages do not help me
> > because -so I was told - it is not possible to fix the problem.
> They are a warning that your box isnt going to be happy long term.; Eventually
> a bad message will get through with a good checksum. There was a panic case in
> the code when messages got reset that is fixed in 2.4.0-preleease
> > Is it possible to eliminate these error messages. My logfiles grow enormously
> > and are "trashed" with these messages...
> You can certainly comment the printk's out of your own tree

At a frequency of 1 every half hour or so from my BP6
motherboard (more frequent during heavy IO) I found that
message pretty annoying and commented it out.

The 'cat /proc/interrupts' last line "ERR: <n>" gives a
running count if you are interested.

Doug Gilbert

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